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|| Founder and owner of Bar Ape gelato || We make our gelato bars $5 so that we can hand out hundreds an hour. It’s meant so that you don’t have to wait. I’ve never […]



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|| Student || We did a project last year for the Gladstone Hotel. The hotel president gathers artists and creatives and allows them to design each room. It’s all on display for a week or […]


Red Herring

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|| Producer, performer, business owner || When I was 20, I was a Dungeons and Dragons playing tomboy who owned black eyeliner and that’s about it. I wrote reviews for video games. I was the […]



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|| Actor, magician, game designer and writer || I’m always worried if anything I’m doing matters; If anything I write matters. But there’s a really great poem by W.S Merwin called Berryman, and the last […]



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|| Master’s student and research assistant ||   I love vintage stores, they are my kryptonite. — Dara I’m a student at UoT, doing my Masters of Public Health, Global Health. I’m also a research […]



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|| Musician ||  It’s a very saturated industry. It’s hard to break out and be heard, especially in a field that is social media heavy. The record industry won’t look at you unless you have 20,000 […]